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Why should I create a social website?

Engage Your Fans

Our machine learning algorithms analyze your audience and recommend relevant content for you to create and share on your social media page.

Maximize Your Revenue

Hosting and monetizing content using MyLikes is simpler and more effective than on other systems. By targeting the right social content ads to your audience we maximize your revenue.

Get Started Immediately

Creating your own unique social website is extremely simple. You can customize your content and layout to your social media presence in a few minutes.


Drive relevant
social traffic

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Audience Reach

Why Advertise on MyLikes?

Highly Targeted

We use artificial intelligence to learn the type of audience that engages most with your campaigns and drive relevant traffic in minutes

Big Data

Our huge network helps you scale to millions of clicks at a relatively low cost per click

Social Content Traffic

Your native content ads are embedded on social-mobile ads and drive high quality social traffic to your campaigns

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