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Sponsored Content Guidelines

As social media has grown increasingly popular, the United States agency in charge of regulating deceptive advertising, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has paid special attention to product and service endorsements on social media.

According to FTC guidelines, social publishers and advertisers must not make false statements, or fail to disclose commercial relationships when making endorsements.

These guidelines are intended to help you make responsible disclosures when you share Sponsored or Branded Content using MyLikes.

DISCLAIMER: This is not legal advice and MyLikes is not an attorney. If you have legal questions, please consult with a legal professional. These guidelines were compiled according to the Terms of Service and ancillary materials provided by the services it covers, and has not been reviewed, approved or verified by any regulatory agencies.

General Requirements

No matter where you share Sponsored Content, the key to being consistent with FTC guidelines is making sure that “endorsements represent the accurate experience and opinion of the endorser”

If you are paid to share a piece of content or make an endorsement, you must clearly and conspicuously disclose the material connection to the company that is paying you. This is true regardless of where you make a post.

You are responsible for complying with the FTC’s disclosure guidelines and all state and federal laws applicable in your jurisdiction to your post.

You must only make statements that reflect your honest opinions or experiences. Do not make dishonest or unsupported claims.

MyLikes actively monitors all posts made via the MyLikes platform. If, at any time your account or post(s) are found to not clearly and conspicuously disclose their endorsed status, MyLikes reserves the right to terminate the post(s) or account in question.

Please familiarize yourself with the FTC’s Endorsement Guidelines here :


Your use of Facebook must follow Facebook’s Terms of Service at all times:

Please do not post sponsored content in your Page’s or Profile’s cover photo or profile picture.

Facebook classifies "branded content" as "content that features a third party product, brand, or sponsor":

Specific guidelines for sponsorships are available at Facebook:


Your use of Twitter must follow Twitter’s Terms of Service at all times:

When posting sponsored content on Twitter, you must not post the same, or nearly identical, tweets. Duplicate or substantially similar posts may be filtered by Twitter.


Your use of Tumblr must follow Tumblr’s Terms of Service at all times:

Please do not use sponsored content on Tumblr to initiate non-genuine social gestures.


Your use of Pinterest must follow Pinterest’s Terms of Service at all times:

You must not create misleading links or pins that contain sponsored content.