democratizing social publishing

Drive relevant
social traffic

to your website, mobile app
or video in minutes

1. Set up an Advertising Campaign

Fill out a simple form describing your product or service. Set a cost-per-click and a weekly budget.

2. Get Traffic from Social Media

You will start receiving traffic from social media shortly after setting up your campaign. Volume will depend on your CPC bid and popularity of the link.

MyLikes technology ensures that you only receive valid clicks at the right price, and our value-based auction means you pay only for quality clicks.

3. Access detailed reports of your campaign performance

We provide detailed reporting with a bunch of metrics including clicks, posts and impressions shown. With our unique tracking system, you only pay for quality clicks at the cost-per-click rate you choose.

Why Advertise on MyLikes?

Highly Targeted

We use artificial intelligence to learn the type of audience that engages most with your campaigns and drive relevant traffic in minutes

Big Data

Our huge network helps you scale to millions of clicks at a relatively low cost per click

Social Traffic

Your links are shared by high-quality social publishers so you can receive engaged traffic.

How does pricing work?
The MyLikes system creates a quality score for your ad based on clickthrough rate and other factors, and then maximizes clearing based on your cost-per-click (CPC) bid. We recommend setting your CPC as high as you can, and using high-quality copy and images.
Who uses MyLikes?
MyLikes advertisers include all sizes of media companies from Fortune 500 through small content sites, marketers with landing pages for their products, and companies with great content they'd like to share on social media.
Where should my links go?
MyLikes works best if you use links to rich, engaging content, or to high-quality and well-designed landing pages. Remember to check your pages on mobile before sending mobile traffic.
Where do my links appear?
MyLikes publishers will share your link directly on social media, so your link will appear in the social feed for all major social networks, generating great organic traffic.
What kind of data can I get?
MyLikes supplies daily email reports, and a highly granular reporting dashboard including CSV download, tag-sorting, platform-specific restrictions, and other filters.
Can I optimize my campaigns?
Yes! MyLikes' dynamic auction model allows you to use the data you receive about campaign performance to increase volume and lower your CPC over time.