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About Us

The MyLikes mission is to make social media publishing relevant, entertaining, and valuable.

If you’re a social publisher or influencer, you can get access to relevant and engaging branded content and earn advertising revenue. By using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we ensure that the content you share is tailored to your social media following and optimized towards engaging and growing your fan base.

For advertisers who want to make the most out of social media, MyLikes makes it super simple to launch a campaign and drive millions of relevant clicks and customers in minutes. Our data analytics platform combined with real-time machine learning algorithms ensure that we realize the true potential of social advertising. By operating across multiple social platforms, we are able to reach more than 1.5 billion users.

Start driving relevant customers in minutes by creating a social advertising campaign

Our goal is to bring an algorithmic, big-data and machine learning based approach to the space. By enabling publishers to share extremely personalized, viral and relevant content with their audiences we strive to make everyone’s social experience entertaining and informative. Our campaigns are designed to evolve advertising into something consumers find useful and relevant and not something to avoid and put up with.